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Why We’ll NEVER Cross The Cambodian Border By Bus Again

cambodia border

Crossing the Cambodian border presents a big opportunity to get scammed. Even if you do your research, it sucks. Here's why we'll never cross by bus again. Read More

10 Free Or Low Cost Online Education Websites

online education

From preschool to university, who would have known there's so much free or low cost online education available -- from quality education providers?! Read More

6 Easy Ways To Travel Around Vietnam

ways to travel around vietnam

Heading to Vietnam? Here are 6 very affordable, easy ways to travel around Vietnam. Find out your options and their cost, so you can see more of Vietnam. Read More

How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday Overseas?

Celebrating Your Birthday Overseas

Travelling long term means birthdays away from family and friends. So how do you celebrate your birthday? Find out about what happened on my 36th birthday. Read More

6 Things That Drive Me Nuts About Vietnam

nuts about Vietnam

I love Vietnam. Really, I do! I hope to be back again someday. But, there are 6 things that drive me nuts about Vietnam. Here's my vent, if you dare... Read More

Thap Ba Hot Springs Review | Nha Trang

Thap Ba Hot Springs

For my daughter's birthday, we visited the Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang, Vietnam. We had a ball in the mud pools -- here's a round up of our trip! Read More